Laura Curtis

Because Experience Matters

Economic Growth

Small businesses are the backbone of the Illinois economy and provide jobs for hard-working families, but are often the first to feel the burdens of overregulation, red tape, and higher taxes. Illinois requires pro-growth policies that encourage economic growth and create jobs for middle-class families.

Property Taxes

With skyrocketing property taxes, it is time for Springfield to turn rhetoric into action by addressing this growing burden on taxpayers. How are families expected to reach or maintain the American dream when our leaders continue to do nothing? Just as she’s done on the Village Board, Laura will oppose tax increases and be an advocate for property tax reform to allow taxpayers to keep more of their hard-earned money.

Responsible Budgets

Laura understands you cannot spend more than you take in, yet legislators have failed time and time again to balance the budget. The result is billions in unpaid bills and long-term debt and continued attempts to increase tax rates. Laura will collaborate with her colleagues to identify ways to save tax dollars through necessary reforms.