Fiscal Responsibility

The Illinois economy does not have a revenue production problem — our state government has a spending and borrowing addiction.  Regardless of what taxes and fees the Democrats create or increase to finance state government, it cannot control itself when it comes to increased spending, increased borrowing, increased entitlement programs and increased unfunded mandates on local government, businesses and individuals.  It’s a simple practice to spend what you earn, the same practice followed by every financially successful Illinois family and Illinois business.  Nothing will change in Illinois until responsible adult leadership controls the State of Illinois checkbook.

Public Employee Pension Reform

The biggest impediment to a balanced budget is a mandatory 3% annual increase in state employee pension checks, which means a state employee’s pension doubles every 25 years.  Many retired state employees currently have annual pensions over $100,000 per year and growing.  Over 110,000 current public employees and retirees get payouts of over $100,000 per year across all Illinois government entities (that $11 billion per year).  If the private sector handed out these benefits all businesses would be bankrupt.

The state government public employee pension system in Illinois was structured for failure in a corrupt political bargain between labor unions and politicians controlled by Democrat Speaker of the House Mike Madigan.  The quid pro quo was the approval of unreasonably high wages, benefits and pension plans in return for contributions from organized labor political funds to support Democrat candidates.  The bill is now due and cannot be paid.  Pension and budget reform in Illinois begins with a Constitutional amendment allowing the voluntary negotiation of all public employee contracts and the elimination of fixed benefit plans in favor of 401K plan contributions.

Mike Madigan

Now in his 50th year with his hands on the throat of Illinois taxpayers, Illinois Speaker of the House is at the center of various Federal and state investigations into bribery, ghost payrolling, sexual harassment and even a suppressed rape allegation.  His rogues gallery of allies, cronies and lobbyists are being arrested, charged, indicted and convicted at the fastest clip seen in Illinois in 20 years — Burke, Solis, Arroyo, Sandoval, Link, Doherty, O’Sullivan, Presta, Zalewski, Tobolski — and that’s just since January.  The systemic corruption enabled by Boss Madigan will never begin to be eliminated until he is gone.  Boss Madigan has handpicked a new political ally — Maura Hirschauer — who he handpicked, financed and endorsed in 2020.


Corruption pervading any government system cannot flourish unless legal loopholes are created to enable the crimes, unless corrupt individuals are re-elected to exploit the loopholes, and unless voters allow it by not throwing the bums out that they know have bankrupted Illinois government, Cook County government and Chicago government — the big three.  Chicago Democrats control every aspect of Illinois government and it will never change until we throw all of them out.  We can’t wait for the U.S. Attorney, the FBI and the Department of Justice to complete their work.  We need to vote them all out in 2020.


True reform starts by eliminating career politicians seeking to build and maintain political power bases with no regard for the welfare of the citizens of the state.  The State of Illinois should enact term limits for state legislators of 10 years in the Senate and 10 years in the House.  Once their time is up, they can return to private life.  If they are really talented and have record to prove it, they can run for a higher office.  To discourage politicians from trying to stay 40 years, I propose eliminating the legislator pension system and any pensions for statewide elected officials.  All legislators and executive officers would be allowed a 401K plan contribution like every other state employee should have.


Illinois currently has the highest collective tax burden of any state in the union.  No business owner in their right mind would purposely select Illinois to start a new business if they calculated the cost of income tax, sales tax, property tax, gas tax, utility tax, excise tax, use tax, vehicle fees, corporate filing fees — and the lists goes on.  In order for the Illinois economy to grow fast enough to create jobs and finance the restructuring state government finances, we need to cut taxes, cut regulations, cut fees and eliminate the systemic public corruption that forces even the smallest business to ‘pay to play’.  


I am pro-life and support the protection of innocent human life from the time of conception. 

I understand that other Illinois residents have equally strong beliefs that allow them to support various forms of pregnancy terminations at various time frames after conception.  I disagree with them just as they disagree with me.  It is a moral issue for which there is no middle ground.

I support both public and private adoption procedures for the children whose mothers cannot provide for the full financial and emotional support needed for the children to enjoy a full productive life. Additionally, I support parental notification should a minor choose to have an abortion. 


I support the strict interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.  I support conceal carry for Illinois citizens and all Americans.  I support the rights and opportunities for hunters to enjoy their sport.

In light of the recent looting and rioting that has caused incalculable damage to the Illinois economy, I will sponsor the enactment of the Illinois Stand Your Ground Act to discourage destruction of life, liberty and property by anarchists and criminals.


The Illinois state legislature does not determine Federal immigration policy or border security, but Illinois does bear the burden of supporting social services and medical care for illegal immigrants who reside in Illinois.  In order to help maintain a viable state budget, we need to support the securing of our borders while establishing an enforceable system for admitting and tracking visitors and legal immigrant applicants in our nation.